A Faster Reader

Read text like you're watching a video

What is A Faster Reader

A Faster Reader (AFR) is an application developed by the I+D team of BaseTIS.

We've created it to make the reading of any kind of text on your mobile device easier and faster.

You can check how it works at our tutorial page or you can send us your questions to afr.support { at } basetis.com.

Special Thanks

We'd like to say a special Thank You to some people that have helped improve the app with their work, their comments and, above all, their support! So... Thank you!

  • Patric Wenk - German
  • Xesús M. Mosquera - Galician
  • Veronika Malysheva - Russian
  • Khristina López - Russian
  • Serga Balestrini - Italian
  • Diyan Krasimirov - Bulgarian
  • Núria Gàmiz - Logo
  • Glòria Olivella
  • Ferran Castells
  • Peter Karussell - Snacktory
  • Serg Podtynnyi and Oleg Orlov - OpenIAB
  • Johan Winge - Tengwar Annatar
  • Paul Siegmann - epublib
  • Square, Inc. - Otto
  • Paul Burke - aFileChooser
  • Ratheesh Ravindran - PDFBoxLight
  • Prateek Srivastava - ProgressButton
  • Andreas Stütz - Android PagerSlidingTabStrip
  • Stanfy - Goro

And all the users that have sent their feedback!